Vegetable Steamer for the microwave
Vegetable Steamer for the microwave
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Vegetable Steamer for the microwave

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Use this bag to cook potatoes, corn, veggies, etc. The inside will be cooked nicely while the outside will be tender and moist. Cooking time is much less than without the steamer.

Two styles available:
 Opening at the end making it easy to slide tortillas in
 Opening in the center

Please add a note to your order with the style requested. If not indicated, the default is the opening in the center.

Medium (about 8” diameter) $10.00
Large (about 12” diameter)    $15.00

Made of 100% cotton so will not be harmed in the microwave.

Other fabrics are available; if you don't see one you like, email to with a request.

Machine washable

Eco Friendly packaging used for all shipments